Dear Whitebridge Farmily,

First of all, we miss you all. It's hard to imagine how much time has passed since I last called Action and we got to make magic together. 

After two movies and three theatrical productions in a few fast years, 14 Write On Golden Pond workshops and more Actors Workouts, Screen Tests and Master Classes than we can count, Whitebridge Farm Productions has been in reorganization mode and we're coming back strong. 

Before we tell you all our exciting news, though, we want to hear yours and to post it here. It's extraordinary how many of our Whitebridge alums have gone on to great things and we want to celebrate them and you and to spread the word. We're proud of our immediate and extended Farmily and we don't want your amazing accomplishments to go unrecognized. 

A lot of you have new film credits on your growing résumés, as actors, writers, crew members, and directors, in New England, New York and LA. You've been in plays throughout New Hampshire and elsewhere, you've studied and continued to grow your craft and it's gratifying for us to be able to say we knew you when and to look forward to seeing you soon and, as Linus Van a Scooter says in Heavenly Angle, getting back to work. 

So please send us field reports from the front lines and let us broadcast the latest developments on our all-new News Flash page. 

And stay tuned. We've got News Flashes, too. You've no doubt heard about our upcoming Write On Golden Pond weekend (June 26 - 28). If you've written with us before, come write yourself back into this incredible and invigorating weekend. If you've always wanted to participate in the coolest and most-consuming writers workshop anywhere, now's your chance. 

There are only eight chairs at my table and they're filling up fast; grab one and share your story. More than 100 have been written at Whitebridge Farm; yours should be next. 

Or - grab a seat in the audience - Sunday the 28th, 4 pm - and bear witness to fabulous new work being created, nurtured and shared. Many of our writers' plays have gone on to continuing lives in short play contests and festivals; some have been expanded into full-lengths; at least one was adapted into a film. 

And more to come, Mordecai. Lori, Morgan, and I have been moving in lots of directions, from Connecticut to China to New York and LA.  In the fall I’ll be directing a production of On Golden Pond in Dublin (not New Hampshire) and London, with a fabulous cast.  And - WFP is putting together pieces for our next film, shooting this summer, with lots of casting and crew opportunities.

Check back, come back, write soon. 

And remember:  you always have a home at Whitebridge Farm.  There’s no place like it.